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The Armageddon


It Has Been Foretold for Over Two Thousand Years

The Armageddon Trilogy puts together the story that the Revelation, and the Prophets reveal, by putting it together in the modern setting of the world today. Even though these events have been predicted for centuries, events today shape up to match the predictions of the past too close for comfort.

Fictitious characters act out the sequential scenarios against the prophetic background laid down in the scriptures. The story covers seven years of earth’s history written in advance. J. E. Becker put it into this form to show how close we are to their fulfillment. All three books tell the story in favor of the Jewish people’s point of view (the good guys), even though you, the reader, will also see the point of view of their opponents as well. God has made many great promises to the Jewish nation and it looks like now is the time to fulfill them.

Book 1: The Beginning of the End sets up the whole series by introducing the main characters, and the events that set off the judgments of God. Book 1 begins with the Jews and the Palestinians settling their differences, by a covenant signed in Washington, DC. The world sighs. Peace at last! Or is it? Two prominent nations threaten the new peace. Meanwhile, supernaturally called Jewish witnesses, begin to preach all over the world about the Lamb of God—some new god? People flock to their message. The established Church vigorously opposes them and uses their influence with government to deny them places to minister. Two Satanic powers also rise up to counter this ministry. A romantic attraction sparks between an American Jewess, Rachel, who works at the Israeli Embassy, and David, a young Israeli Captain in the Israeli Defense Force, each finding in the other a serious person looking for the Jewish Messiah.

The Ethiopians are shocked at the news that their national treasure, the Ark of the Covenant, is suddenly emitting the Shi’khah glory of God which no one can approach. Is that the cause of a plague they begin to suffer?

The book covers approximately one and a half years of the seven years of the tribulation, ending at the going forth of the second horseman in Revelation Chapter Six.

Book 2: The Sign of the End continues the story, opening with a description of the aftermath of a nuclear war, causing Europe to draw closer together with the pope stronglyinfluencing the nations.

Pope Peter II had experienced a visit from the Virgin while at the Peace Conference in America. She was preparing him to become the head of her son’s kingdom. But religion had taken over the world after the war and the pope found himself in conflict with the “Lambers” who stand in the way of his ambitions. He brings together the EU nations with their kings to fight the menacing heresy. Martyrs’ blood begins to run like rivers.

Meanwhile, the Temple construction, a concession given to the Jews in their covenant with the Palestinians, continues. Leucus Adoni´(a Lebanese business man who had persuaded the Palestinians to give the gift of Temple Mount land to the Jews, to gain concessions for the Palestinians), begins his bid for power. He overthrows one leader by war and another by seduction.

Trouble in paradise begins between David and Rachel, when a difference over religion troubles their marriage plans. The Jews perform their first ceremonial Yom Kippur since 70 AD. In the second celebration of it the Jewish Messiah reveals his death wounds to the nation at the time of an advancing army.

The starving Russian nation, severely injured by Electrical Magnetic Pulses, strips the Middle East like locusts. As it approaches Jerusalem, G-d intervenes in a spectacular way. This book covers the rest of the first half of the prophetic week of years. It also sees the anointing of two witnesses, who have powers like those given to Elijah and Moses. G-d raised them up to announce his judgments to those following Adoni´, who claims victory over the invading army for his new god, Ashtor.

Book 3: The End and a New Beginning covers the rest of the story. It opens with the report of what is left of the world after the earth turns upside down. God’s wrath had begun by saving Jerusalem and destroying the Russian invaders with falling meteorites. The whole earth shook—even the fish. Hot and cold layers of air mixed causing whirlwinds everywhere. Waters spilled from every sea basin and drew up into mile high tides due to a dragon in the sky.

The Antichrist deceived the people to believe that his god, Ashtor, the dragon had saved them from the Russians. His adoring sidekick, Ra’amon, convinced the people that Adoni´ was also a god and the spokesman on earth for the god in the sky. The two of them instituted idol worship introducing debauching sexual practices of the past. God’s wrath increased steadily.

So did Adoni´’s power, as he bid for complete power over the world. He breaks the covenant with the Jews, stops the daily sacrifice, and begins to persecute the ones faithful to G-d. He rations the disappearing food supply, by requiring a mark of allegiance to him, for all buying and selling. Each time he commits crimes against God’s people, the witnesses proclaim a disaster, just as Moses did against Pharaoh. After seven terrible judgments fall, the Moshiach comes with power and great glory to destroy this “Beast,” and his army.

By the time that Jesus’ feet touch down on the earth, the whole surface of the earth will have changed, few men have survived, and a new temple mount will have risen several hundreds of feet above the surrounding hills north of a flattened Jerusalem. An appendices at the back of the book will explain much of the science and reasoning behind the judgments.

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