Section II
Ages of God



Time, as God gave it to man, has nothing to do with "his mighty acts," as known to the ancients. He determines his times in regard to the earth according to his purposes. As the psalmist and the apostle Peter both said "a day with the Lord is as a thousand years" to us. In other words it cannot be calculated by our time. His times are determined by ages, hence the repeated mention of the coming of "the day of the Lord," which closes this present age begins the age to come.

Geologists also divide time up into ages. Never mind that they ascribe millions of years to their ages. Pay no attention to their millions. These assumptions, and they are assumptions, that come from what changes can be observed as happening to the earth today. These are literally minuscule changes, which forms the basis of their foundational hypothesis-Uniformitarianism or the more modern name Gradualism. Naturally, if their hypothesis were true it would take millions of years, but the facts all point the earth's age as thousands of years rather than millions.

The gradual geological change of today is practically nothing compared ages of the past. A modern example of today's changes to the earth might be the great earthquake and tsunami that occurred in Japan in 2011, which moved the land three inches. We saw that as a great disaster. Actually, it was nothing but a normal adjustment to the crust, made constantly around the globe because of the earth's rotation, and its crustal plates moving as they semi-float on the mantel of the earth. This time the adjustment was more severe and just happened to occur near a city on a coast.

The apostle Peter predicts and ridicules future generations for believing that all things continue as they have from the beginning, ignoring the disaster and sudden change to the earth (and heaven) caused by the flood. This, today' scientists willingly disbelieve. For more than the last hundred and thirty years, James Hutton' s theory of Uniformitarianism further promoted by Charles Lyell in his textbook, The Principles of Geology, have captivated the scientific community and turned it's beliefs into an anti-God religion-Humanism.

Nevertheless, the cataclysmic events, which caused the story written in earth's rocks, is as surely written by God as is the scripture. Jesus said that when the Holy Spirit (the spirit of truth) was given to his disciples, he would guide them to all truth. (John 16:13) Everything that is truth must at some point relate to everything else that is truth otherwise it would not be truth. So we can't just ignore the truth that men have uncovered in this field. We need to receive it as belonging to God's truth, but reject the foolish interpretations given by unbelieving men.

Several years ago while touring through Turkey, I saw an example of a geologic syncline[1] clearer than any picture in my Structural Geology textbook. Out of the tour bus window I saw a mountain whose bare layers of rock slanted gently downward in a slight curve. Then across a level valley another mountain, with layers of the same rock angled upward in another gentle curve, leaving the bottom of the curve buried under a filled-in valley. The jagged tops of the obviously folded mountains had been eroded. At some point in the past, the earth's top layers of crust had been forced to wrinkle into wide folds in this place.

We know this because sedimentary rock, which these were, is always deposited horizontally, being turned to stone afterward, how much afterward depends on the conditions. Man's artificial rock, concrete, sets up in hours; part of the process in turning it to stone is chemical.

In this case, some force pushing horizontally while the layers were still in a semi-congealed state, had left the surface folded ages ago. The truth of what must have been was unmistakable. The mountains' present condition indicated ages since its formation. The tops were missing. Wind and water had been at work. The bottom of the curve had been filled with their results.

This type of observation, simple as it is, is what establishes observable science-showing an undeniable truth. Geology cannot be dismissed by men's so called "super" faith. God is not a liar, neither in his Word, nor in the rocks! He didn't just give an appearance of past history, he gave a record for us to read.

Turning back to our discussion concerning God's ages, the writer to the Hebrews tells us that men believed God "framed the worlds by the word of God."[2] The Greek word aiwn "aion", translated "worlds" in English, literally means "ages." According to Strong's Extended Exhaustive Concordance, "the primary stress of this word is time in its unbroken duration, an age or era, viewed in the relation of what takes place in the period, not by the length of the period, but one marked by spiritual or moral characteristics. Thus, men's moral condition on the earth at the time of Noah caused God to end the first age with the flood.

Actually, as we shall eventually see, all the ages ended in a physical disaster or cataclysm of some kind. So much so, that many cultures saw the time afterward as a different "sun." Different cultures counted "sun/ages" according to how ever many "suns" they lived through. However, different cultures recorded different numbers of ages because many civilizations were destroyed altogether, leaving nothing written behind. Plato mentions an Egyptian priest's explanation of this to a Greek named Solon in his cosmology Timaeus. In it the priest "supposed the memory of the catastrophes of fire and flood had been lost because literate men perished in them, together with all the achievements of their culture, and these upheavals 'escaped your [Greeks] notice because for many generations the survivors died with no power to express themselves in writing.'"[3]

Looking again at the Hebrews passage, the key word would be the Greek verb framed, "katartizo," which means in this case "right ordering and arrangement "or "put in order and equipped for their intended purpose," says the Amplified. These words indicate that God ordered them this way for a purpose.

In my observation of God's word it seems to me that God sets traps to deliberately deceive the unbelieving scoffers. For instance, take Lot's wife being turned into a pillar of salt because she disobeyed the angel's command not to look back. A scoffer would laugh and doubt the possibility of such an incident, but as we reported earlier it was entirely likely under the circumstances. Her hesitation and emotional horror at what she saw probably lasted several minutes, putting her in the path of the electrical charge, while rest hurried on and escaped.

Not only that but God makes physical changes to creation when, as he calls it, they grow old and need renewing. For example, Ps. 102:25-27 compares these changes to God's non-changing nature, which says:

Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands.

They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed:

But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end.

But on the other hand Hebrews tells us of a time when this is no longer necessary:

Whose voice then shook the earth [at Sinai]: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.

And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.

Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

For our God is a consuming fire.

Hebrews 12:27 (Emphasis mine.)

At this last shaking God will remove everything that is changeable, so that the remaining things are unchanging, creating the new heaven and the new earth.

Along with the earth's violent record in the rocks, ancient truth, the earth's past history, can also be found in the collective memory of men as eyewitnesses to these catastrophes. Because of their destructive nature, these ancient histories came down through several generations in their cultures. Individually they may seem fanciful, but seen collectively they take on one voice.

While Immanuel Velikovsky, a brilliant Jew, who spoke several languages and held multiple degrees, was researching the end of an age at the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, he collected these ancient written records from cultures all over the world. Although he was only writing about the exodus, he collected enough for a book about the physical rendering of the flood as well. This he purposed to write eventually, but never did. However, after his death Jan Sammers, his personal secretary, collected his notes and published them on the Internet.[4] It is from these notes that I take accounts to show the mighty acts of God when he closed the different ages. Taking Velikovsky's references along with others collected and written by believers researching some of the same accounts during the 1600's to the early 1900's we will explore men's accounts of the end of each age.

The End of the First Age: the Flood

Obviously the first change would have taken place when Adam was cast forth from the garden, but we have little or no knowledge of the conditions, save that God cursed the ground and living would be hard. The cursed ground indicates at least a change in climate. Therefore, starting with the flood, let us examine some of the things that can be known about the catastrophes connected with the end of an age.

The ancient book of Jasher, referred to twice in the Bible,[5] an ongoing ancient history book paralleling the Bible up to the death of Joshua, gives a terrifying account:

After Noah and his family and all the animals had entered into the ark, "on that day, the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before [volcanoes?]; and God did this mighty act in order to terrify the sons of men, that there might be no more evil upon the earth.[6] (Emphasis Mine)

As to what happened inside the ark Jasher says:

"And the waters prevailed and they greatly increased upon the earth, And the ark floated upon the face of the waters, and it was tossed upon the waters so that all the living creature within were turned about like pottage in a cauldron.

"And great anxiety seized all the living creatures that were in the ark, and the ark was like to be broken . . . the lions roared, the oxen lowed, and every living creature in the ark spoke and lamented in its own language, so that their voices reached to a long distance, and Noah and his sons cried and wept in their troubles; they were greatly afraid that they had reached the gates of death. And Noah prayed unto the Lord, and . . . the Lord remembered him . . . And the wind passed over the earth, and the waters were still and the ark rested.[7]

Velikovsky cites several sources mentioning tremendous light shining on the earth for seven days before the rains came.[8] The Chaldean story of the flood says, "flaming torches, lighting up the land with their brightness" just prior to the arrival of the waters of the deluge.[9] "During the seven days of light when the world was flooded with sheets of light, and terrifying signs and commotion filled the heaven, The Holy one . . . reversed the order of nature, the sun rising in the west and setting in the east."[10]

But during the deluge "the sun and the moon shed no light" and for an entire year the planets did not follow their regular courses. It may be that because of the dust discharged by volcanoes [into the atmosphere] that the sky remained veiled for a long period, and this veil made any celestial orientation impossible for the few survivors . . . the whole world was in the midst of volcanic activity, amidst lightnings and thunders a very loud sound was heard in the entire world, never heard before.[11] Rabbinical literature also refers to great tides and surges of water that covered the face of the Earth. The flood began to toss the ark from side to side. All inside were shaken up like lentils in a pot.[12] The Deluge, according to Hebrew cosmogony, changed the nature of herb, animal and man. . . . The earth was changed, even the sky was not the same.[13] The Apostle Peter also mentions the earth and the heavens being different after the flood. (2 Peter 3:5-7). Apparently the same Rabbinical preservation of that time was well remembered in his day, Peter not being a learned man.

One more quote from antiquity may be pertinent. Quoting ancient but most worthy early writer Abraham Rockenbach, a learned German professor of Greek and Mathematics wrote the following in 1602: "In the year of the creation of the world 1656,[14] [counted according to the ages of men given in the book of Genesis]after Noah reached the age of 600 years, three days before the death of Methuselah, a comet appeared in the constellation Pisces, was seen by the entire world as it traversed the twelve signs of the zodiac in the space of a month; on the sixteenth of April it again disappeared. After this the deluge immediately followed, in which all creatures that live on the earth and creep upon the ground were drowned, with exception of Noah and the rest of the creatures that had gone in with him into the ark."[15]

Englishman William Whiston, who took over Isaac Newton's chair of Mathematics at Trinity College in Cambridge, asserted that the comet of 1862 was the same comet that caused the deluge. He had found references in classical literature concerning the change in the terrestrial axis and the displacement of the poles by the comet of the deluge. He wrote about it in his book The New Theory of the Earth.

Let no one think that the flood was simply the falling of water upon the earth for forty days causing the ark to float placidly above the waters. It was a catastrophe of the greatest nature, involving every part of the earth and some of the solar system. Unfortunately, those with the language skills to read these ancient manuscripts (those who can understand Greek and Hebrew and other ancient Sumerian languages) are no longer inspired by faith to do so. Giants in the faith in the 15th through19h centuries, skilled in Mathematics, Astronomy, and later in Geology collected the eye witness reports of earlier ages and preserved them. Men like Newton, Whiston, Halley, William Fairfield Warren and later in the twentieth century Patton as well as others in Europe that were truly interested in the Bible as truth, studied and wrote about these things.

The Ages After the Deluge: The Confusion of Tongues and the Dividing of the Earth

The next change in the ages came at the time of the confusion of tongues. and following after that, the division of the earth itself. Both Genesis (10:23) and 1 Chronicles (1Chronicles19) tell us that the earth was divided in the days of Peleg. Does this mean that men were divided, or the earth, or both? Jasher answers this question by adding this detail:

"These are the generations of Shem; Shem begat Arpachshad [Arphaxad] and Arpachshad begat Shelach [Salah], and Shelach begat Eber and to Eber was born two children, the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the sons of men were divided, and in the latter days, the earth was divided. And the name of the second was Joktan meaning that in his day the lives of men were diminished and shortened."[16]

Apparently this became obvious in the years after men divided from one another before the land division.

The division of tongues came the year Peleg's birth hence his name which means "division." So it makes sense that to be named "division," the division of men had already taken place that year. However, the "Book of Jasher mentions afterward that he died "in those days" at the age of 239, right after stating : "And they ceased building the city and the tower; therefore he called that place Babel, for there the Lord confounded the language of the whole earth;" Thus it would seem that before the birth of Peleg men separated from one another because of the confusion of tongues, and began to migrate to the far flung portions of the then undivided earth, because of the confusion of tongues. But apparently other men stubbornly continued to build the tower. Whereas, concerning the tower, Jasher says, ". . . as to the tower which the sons of men built, the earth opened up her mouth and swallowed up one third part thereof, and a fire also descended from heaven and burned another third, and the other third is left to this day, and it is of that part which was aloft, and its circumference is three days walk. And many of the sons of men died in that tower, a people without number" (Jasher 9:38).

By saying "unto this day," indicates the writing was done after the whole history had already occurred. Did the sinking into the ground indicate earthquakes served the final blow? Later we will find that men equated the division of the earth with the "sun"/age" of earthquakes. This description of the tower's end appears to be a summary at the end of two ages separated by the lifetime of Peleg.

Next let's look at the size of this tower. For it to take three days to walk around the middle section, what does that imply of the total height or even the circumference of the ground floor? Twice as much? How far can a man walk in three days?

According to the internet the consensus is: if a man is in reasonably good health, he can walk three miles in an hour. With appropriate water, food and rest he could possibly walk twenty miles a day. That would be a total of sixty miles around the structure. The perimeter highway of Atlanta GA is approximately 62 miles. Bigggg Building! Remember this is only the middle section. There is probably no other building ever built that even approaches the size of this one. No wonder (as we shall find), this building is remembered all over the world.

Now, let's look at the times in perspective by seeing history in brief taken from Genesis:

0-Adam created

130 Seth born

235-Enos born

315-Cainan born

385-Mahalaleel born

450-Jered born

612-Enoch born

677-Methuselah born

864-Lamech born

930-Adam dies

977-Enoch Caught up

1042-Seth dies

1046-Noah born

1140-Enos dies

1225-Cainan dies

1280-Mahalaleel dies

1412-Jered dies

1546-Noah reaches 500 and prepares for the flood

1542-Shem born (after Japheth according to Jasher)

1541-Lamech dies

1646-Methuselah dies

1646 Flood

1647-Ark lands (second month, second day)

After the Flood

1648-Arphaxad born

1683-Salah born

1713-Peleg Confusion of tongues born


(Ham begets Cush, who begets Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah, Sabtechah. Then he marries a young wife and begets Nimrod late in life. No dates given. If Nimrod was born when Cush was 60, taking a wife after his grandsons were born, and Nimrod became a mighty hunter when he was 20 years old and 40 when he began to rule over all (according to Jasher). The tower and city for his rule probably began then too. They could have been building for nearly twenty years before God came down. Since it was most of mankind building, with a steady stream ascending and descending, it could well have been a huge building reaching high into the atmosphere. )


1809-Serug born

1839-Nahor born

1868-Terah born

1938-Abram born after Nahor and Haran

1952- Peleg at 239 years dies

Given the many years men were building this structure the size is not impossible. Jasher says that it took a man a full year to deliver his bricks to the top of the tower before the confusion of tongues.[17]

As we look at the historical vestiges of these tragedies, we realize that the fall of the tower was only a local expression of the tragedy that befell the whole earth. If everyone separated from Nimrod except his own family and they continued to build another 239 years until Peleg's death, this is when the tower would have reached it's full stature. The force needed to topple it must have been astronomical. The same must be said concerning the dividing of this enormous continent. The people that were already on the land at the time of its division would remember the catastrophe well. Especially since it had to involve great earthquakes-"the earthquake sun age"?

Folk History Remembers This Time

For this we turn first to the writings of scoffer Sir James George Frazer, a renown anthropologist who collected from many cultures the accounts of the confusion of tongues. He says: "Stories which bare a certain resemblance to the legend of the Tower of Babel are reported among several African tribes."[18] The Zambesi near Victoria Falls told Dr. Livingston that their god Nyambi used to dwell on earth, but afterward ascended up to heaven on a spider's web and told men to worship him, instead men decided to kill the god so they piled masts one upon another to climb to heaven, but the masts fell down and all were killed by the fall. The Bambula of Wongogon, have a tradition that the population were curious as to what the moon looked like, so they assembled poles and attached one after another until the whole population were carrying poles, but the whole structure fell down after they reached a considerable height and the men were killed.[19] On the other hand the Ashantees piled pestiles on top of one another until they fell killing the men. The effects of these stories show fanciful alterations similar to the game of Gossip played among children. Although the tellers of the story used different material for their ladder, they all contain the essence of the happening. A means to heaven was built that fell to the ground and men died as a result of their rebellion. [1][20]

Lewis Spence in writing about the myths of Mexico and Peru quotes Ixtilxochitl, a Novohispanic historian:[21] "This "first earth" was destroyed by the 'water-sun.'" At the commencement of the next epoch the Toltecs appeared, and after many wanderings settled in Huehue Tlapallan (Very Old Tlapallan). Then followed the second catastrophe, that of the "wind-sun." The remainder of the legend recounts how mighty earthquakes shook the world and destroyed the earth-giants.

Spence also reports another legend of Mexico, the legend behind the great pyramid of Cholula, goes like this: remembering that before the great flood their country was inhabited by giants, seven who survived the flood made a great pyramid to commemorate the mountain where they hid. But the gods hurled fire down on their mountain and many perished. They say the fire was from a thunderbolt that set the pyramid on fire. This story apparently rests on a legend ascribed to the Toltec of Mexico. "Ixtilxochitl writes of this tradition as follows:

"They say that the world was created in the year Ce Tecpatl, and this time until the deluge, they call Atonatiuh, which means the age of the sun of water, because the world was destroyed by the deluge. It is found in the histories of the Toltecs that this age, and the first world, as they term it, lasted seven hundred and sixteen years; then man and all the earth were destroyed by great showers and by lightnings from heaven, so that nothing remained, and the most lofty mountains were covered up and submerged the depth of caxtomoletltli, or fifteen cubits,[22] and here they add other fables of how men came to multiply from the few that escaped the destruction in a toptlipetacali; which word very nearly signified a closed chest; and how, after multiplying, the men built a great zacuali of great height, and by this is meant a very high tower, in which to take refuge when the world should be a second time destroyed.[23]

A quote from Ixtlilxochitl from a different source repeats about the "wind-sun" and adds this:

"The remainder of the legend recounts how mighty earthquakes shook the world and destroyed the earth-giants."[24]

Here again we find reference to an age brought about by wind, followed by yet another age begun by "mighty earthquakes," surely occurring when the earth divided.

Memories of this time are also remembered from the other side of the globe. Frazer mentions the Karans of Burma who said the tower was a great pagoda, the Mikirs, one of the many Tineto-Burman tribes of Assam mention the confusion of tongues, the hill tribe of Kalachi Nagas also of Assam add a python to their story of the incident, when they struck the snake everyone spoke a different language. He further relates the Bay tribe of South Australia, the Maidu Indians of California, USA, the Tlingits of Alaska, the Quiches of Guatemala. These speak of the different tongues and the dispersal.

Barry Setterfield, native of Australia mentions a legend of the Aborigines who associate "mass migration, confusion of languages and coal deposits as occurring at the same time. "[25]

But none attempted to tell what caused the catastrophe, for this we turn to the more cultured peoples. The Greeks contend that Hermes introduced diversities of speech and divided mankind. By the god Hermes, they really meant the planet Mercury. How do we know this? Several other highly developed nations concur, each granting the small obscure planet the status of a god. The Babylonians called him Nebo; the Egyptians called him Thoth; the northern peoples Odin; the Hindus Buddha; the Romans Mercury.

Taken from Velikovsky's notes, these are the attributes given to his character by his worshipers. To the Babylonians Nebo was son of Marduk, the herald of the gods presiding over all things pertaining to intellect. The atmosphere of his tower was said to induce forgetfulness.

Thoth of Egypt was said to have further articulated the common speech of mankind.

Odin of the north peoples was associated with thought and memory.

To the Hindus he was connected to these words: spirit, intelligence, all knowing, eloquent, unequalled in speech, and his presence induced forgetfulness.

As Mercury of the Romans and Hermes of the Greeks, he was the deity that presides over rational energy. In every case he is associated with the divisions of tongues. Even in the Bible Paul was mistaken for the god Mercurious by the heathen peoples of Lycaonia because he was the one (between him and Barnabas) who "was the chief speaker" (Acts 14:12).

Also common, but not yet mentioned, he alone of the gods is associated with the Caduceus, the emblem of a staff with a circular knob on top, wings on either side and the rod itself entwined about with two serpents. It has sometimes been confused with the staff of Asclepius, a revered physician, whose staff had only one serpent entwined on a pole standing for the Medical profession.

Given this common belief that it was Mercury that caused the incident of the confusing of tongues, we shall look at the reports and collect the different factors mentioned about this time and see if we can put them together to make sense.

Physical Reports Connected to the Confusion of Tongues.

First, we will look in Velikovsky's notes where he tells of the destruction by the "winds" mentioned by the Mexicans:

"Many of the sources which recount the destruction of the Tower of Babel maintain, in close accord with the Mexican account that the catastrophe was caused by a violent wind. Thus the Sibyl is said to have prophesied:

When are fulfilled the threats of the great God With which he threatened men, when formerly In the Assyrian land they built a tower, And all were of one speech, wished to rise Even till they climbed unto the starry heaven, Then the Immortal raised a mighty wind And laid upon them strong necessity; For when threw down the mighty tower, Then rose among mankind fierce strife and hate. One speech was changed into many dialects, and earth was filled with divers tribes and kings.[26]

In the Book of Jubilees it is said that "the Lord sent a mighty wind against the tower and overthrew it upon the earth."[27]

The Babylonian account, as transmitted by Adydenus, tells that once men "built a high tower where now is Babylon, and when it was already close to heaven, the gods sent winds and ruined the entire scheme. . . and men having been until then been all of the same speech, received [now] many languages."[28]


Other accounts give the impression that a strong electrical discharge-possibly from an overcharged ionosphere-found a contact body in the high structure. According to a tradition known to the twelfth century traveler Benjamin of Tudela, "fire from heaven fell in the midst of the tower and broke it asunder."[29]

Similarly sacred writings of the Burmese relate that "when the world is destroyed by wind . . . the wind begins to blow and gradually increases. At first it only raises sand and small stones; but at length it hurls about immense rocks[30] and the summits of mountains."[31]

In their book Cataclysm, D.S. Allen and J. Bernard Delair, show pictures of five huge boulders ranging from estimated weights from 500 to 10,000 tons. These were completely isolated from any other rocks of like kind. One of the smaller ones was known to have been moved three miles from its origin.[32] Another had striation they believed to be created by wind.

In the rabbinical concept of the seven earths, molded one out of another in successive catastrophes, the generation which built the Tower of Babel inhabited the fourth earth; but goes on to the fifth earth where men became oblivious of their origin and home[33]. . . This generation is called "the people who lost their memory." The earth they inhabited was the "fifth earth, that of oblivion Neshiah).[34]

Pliny connected the winds with the thunderbolts in his writings. First, he says:

It is not generally known what has been discovered by men who are most eminent for their learning, in consequence of their assiduous observations of the heavens, that fires that fall upon the earth, and receive the name of thunderbolts (fulminum nomen habeant) proceed from the three superior stars (siderum), but principally from the which is situated in the middle . . . and hence is commonly said, the thunderbolts are darted by Jupiter. He also said they were accompanied by a very great disturbance of the air.[35]

Drawing from his Doctorate in Psychiatry, Velikovsky adds, that the use of electricity in shock treatment of patients results in confusion and complete, but temporary loss of memory. He says:

"The characteristic of this catastrophe was its influence upon the mental, or mnemonic, capacity of the peoples. The description of it, as told by many tribes and peoples, if it contains authentic features, arouses the surmise that the earth underwent an electromagnetic disturbance, and that the human race experienced something that in modern terms seems like a consequence of a deep electrical shock.

The application of electrical current to the head of a human being often results in a partial loss of memory; also a loss of speech may be induced by the application of electrodes to specific areas of the brain.[36]

If a thunderbolt struck the top of the tower and broke it off as intimated, what would this amount of electricity have done to the minds of men in close proximity? Only God could have administer just the right amount of power to produce the effect he did, erasing their memories while keeping them alive and gathering together families speaking the same tongue as they fled to remote parts of the earth.

Jasher also mentions a curious judgment upon three types of men building the tower. The first group said, "We will ascend into heaven and fight against him [God]." This is the common state of man against God. The flesh will not be subject to him. The second group said: "We will ascend to heaven and place our own gods there and worship them." These deliberately chose other gods to replace the one true God, gods of their own liking. The third group said: "We will ascend to heaven and smite him with bows and spears." These actively fought against him physically shooting arrows and thrusting spears toward heaven like the armies at the end of our age at Armageddon. God enhanced their deception by dropping back arrows tipped with red, like blood.

The first group forsook the building of the tower when they saw that evil was coming against them and scattered throughout the earth. The second group became like apes and elephants. I would assume that meant that those like apes grew long hairs on their bodies and those like elephants developed course leathery skin. The third group willing to physically war against God was killed by their neighbors in the strife of tongues that followed.

As to the presence of the mighty winds, these are attributed to thunderbolts, which in turn are linked to more than one of the planets, but mainly to Jupiter. The Greek poet, Hesiod, describes the power of his [Zeus's] thunderbolts in battles with other bodies thus: "from the thunder and lightning of Zeus and from the flame of the monster [another body], from his blazing bolts and from the scorch and breath of his storm winds.[37]

Electric Universe Scientists, David Talbort and Wallace Thornbill, in their book The Thunderbolts of the Gods, describe different thunderbolt images from motifs gathered from around the world. They are seen in symbolic pictures as: a weapon-a sword, an axe, an arrow; a towering column or a whirling lightning tornado. This reminds me of a caduceus that descends from a winged disc with spiraling serpents, which is always associated with Mercury.

The Electric Universe Scientists also see a relationship between the thunderbolt images stamped on Greek coins and the z-pinchs of plasma's Birkland currents.[38] Was this what the ancients saw displayed in the heavens close by? If so, can we reconstruct what might have happened?



What if Mercury was originally a satellite of one of the gaseous giants (as some suppose), that was flung loose into its own orbit during the disturbance that caused the flood? Then years later returned in its orbit to where it begun causing more disturbance with thunderbolts producing the wind?

Could the population have imagined a caduceus in the sky, formed from the pull of the magnetic fields of possibly Jupiter and another body drawing out wings from the disc of Mercury, then whirling in a lightning tornado, seen descending from a winged disc with swirling serpents forming? Compare this with the Birkland currents shown above. But being closer to the Earth than Jupiter, Mercury formed a Birkland current of whirlwinds with serpentine chords reaching to the tower, knocking off the top third, then moving through the earth with a whirlwind-like electric drill taking off the tops of mountains and destroying cities?

Sent off again from this encounter on a different orbit, Mercury came back 239 years later to bury the bottom portion of the tower with thousands of workers still stubbornly trying to rebuild. As Mercury came close again to Jupiter, It caused an asteroid, or perhaps some larger victim of the electrical battle in space to collide with the earth on the opposite side of the massive continent. Couldn't this intrusion expand the mass of the earth divided the surface opposite it's thrust? Especially if it's force was great enough to open the mantle and pierce the center of the earth. Meanwhile Jupiter's power shunted off the planet Mercury to a safe short orbit around the sun?[39]

It was during the time of the confusion of tongues that Jupiter was said to have used his thunderbolt for the first time. It was also said that he. Jupiter, "sent Mercury on his way"-to his present orbit around the sun? Did God use Jupiter to push Mercury to react with the earth?

Now let us consider the evidence left behind that suggests this scenario could be true.




Close up of radial lines. Do these compare to the "wind-streaked" craters mentioned in the explanation below?

Close up of radial streaks.bmp Picture credits to NASA.


Electric Science adherents believe these pits to be thunderbolt strike pits. Could Mercury's second encounter with Jupiter sparked such an electrical battle with Jupiter that it initiated the division of the earth? Could their battle have sent another body to collide with the earth on the opposite side from the giant continent it to split into many?

Now look at an Image taken in the laboratory and featured on the Electric Universe Scientist's website "Thunderbolts" Picture of the Day July 2, 2004). Do they compare? Could this prove them right?

This picture is credited to Mel Acheson and C. J. Ransom. It was the Picture of the Day on the electric universe enthusiasts'' official website on July 2, 2004. The explanation for that day follows.


Craters in the Lab


Planetary scientists have long assumed that most craters in the solar system are due to impact. But laboratory experiments reveal that electrical discharge can replicate observed cratering patterns in surprising ways.

How do you make a crater? Scientists have been asking that question ever since Galileo turned his telescope on the moon in 1610. The discussion was between those who thought craters were made by volcanoes and those who thought craters were made by impacts. In the late 20th century, geologists on Earth and astronauts on the moon showed that they weren't volcanic-the impact hypothesis won by default.

But there is a third possibility, one that has now been explored in detail by advocates of the "electric universe." The craters in the photo above were made in a laboratory by electric discharge. This cratered surface duplicates many characteristics of planetary geology. The craters tend to clump according to size, to fall in lines and arcs. Notice also that the ground appears burnt or discolored where the discharge was strongest and the craters the densest-not unlike the surface of Mars and other rocky bodies in the solar system. The centers of some of the craters have bumps, as do many enigmatic craters on the Moon, Mars, and other surfaces. Also of interest are the dark streaks from two larger craters close to the center of the picture, a pattern similar to the "wind-streaked" craters found on Mars. [My Emphasis]

This third possibility was first voiced in the 1960's. But astronomers have had little interest in such lines of investigation because they have long assumed that electric forces cannot reach across the vacuum of space. However, numerous space age findings have contradicted that belief. From the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts in 1958 to the latest discoveries of galactic magnetic fields and x-ray galactic clusters, it has become increasingly clear that charged particles fill what once was called the "void" of space. Electrical activity is pervasive across both interplanetary and interstellar space.

Is it possible that our solar system was once more active electrically than it is today? When electric sparks strike a solid surface, they can produce not only craters but many other common geological features as well. Experimental research on the electrical etching of rocky surfaces must therefore be a priority. According to the electrical theorists, most of the large-scale geological features in our solar system can only be generated by electric arcs. And if this is true, then the actual history of our solar system bears little or no resemblance to textbook descriptions.[40]

If these conclusions are true then the primitive reports of the past cannot be discounted. Let's look at Mercury now in respect to what we have surmised.

Comparison of Mercury to the size of the Earth

Can you see you see Mercury as the winged disc stretching the plasma current to the earth in the form of the caduceus, showing the pattern of a great electrical tornado spinning like a drill bit that could take off the top of mountains as well as the top of the tower?

Since our age is completely ignorant of the mighty acts of God through his universe, I have taken special pains to add this ancient history. It also lays the foundation that the present age will end the same way. It too, will have an interference from the planetary realm, but we will deal with that later.

According to ancient traditions of the Jews "there are seven archangels, each of whom is associated with a planet."[41] "The seven angels are believed to play an important part in the universal order, through their association with the planets. . . ."[42] This may be the basis of Paul's warning to the Colossian Church against people worshipping angels. The ancient peoples feared the planets greatly because of their destruction and made them into gods. One writer writes: "It's not easy to understand the idea which was the basis for the identification of the Babylonian gods with the planets, [43] the same process of identification of the major gods can be found in the religions of the peoples in all parts of the world. The planets were not affiliated to the gods, or symbols of the gods-they were the gods. In prayers and liturgies they were invoked as gods."[44]

Velikovsky says in conclusion: The reason for the deification of the planets lay in the fact that the planets a short time ago were not faultlessly circling celestial bodies, nor were they harmless. This is also expressed in a Mandean text:" "How cruel are the planets that stay there and conspire evil in their rage . . . the planets conspire in evil against us."[45]

The Age Ending with the Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

It's interesting to note, that Shem lived through the whole era when idol worship was developed, even through the destruction of these following ages. Abram lived through the division of the land, which happened when he was forty-eight, because Jasher also says he was forty-eight when Peleg died. It also says that Abram lived with Shem and Noah from the age of ten until he was fifty. The Jews believed Shem and Noah to live in Canaan;[46] this would have put him far away from the rebuilding of the tower in the latter days. He didn't return to his father's house in Ur until the age of fifty, two years after Peleg died and the earth had already separated. The Bible skips Abram's early life not picking it up until he returns to Ur.

Because of the detail of men's ages connected with events in the book of Jasher, it is possible to reconstruct details of what happened up to the events concerning Sodom and Gomorrah. Combining Jasher's history with the ages in the genealogies let's pickup the time chart during Peleg's lifetime:

1747-Peleg Confusion of tongues born

Caused-by Mercury?

1777-Reu born

1809-Serug born

1839-Nahor born

1868-Terah born

1938-Abram born

1986- Peleg at 239 years dies

Conflict with Jupiter

If the confusion of tongues happened after they had been building the tower for many years, and as the reports say; it was reaching to the heavens when God confused the languages the year of Peleg's birth. The whole world went after Nimrod and his project in the beginning of this time except Shem, Noah and those they influenced including Abram who had been among them since he was 10 years old according to Jasher, but according to the time chart above Abram would have been 30 years old when the earth divided if it happened a Peleg's death. . These, as believed by the Jews, were all separate in the land of Canaan.

However, other descendents of Ham settled and built cities in the broad plain of the Jordan River next to Canaan. They probably migrated to the plain following the confusion of tongues those many years ago.

Contrary to those living in Babylon whose focus was on pride, power, and religion, the people in the cities on the plain were full of greed, sexual gratification/perversion, and murder for the sake of greed (Jasher Chapters 18 & 19) -all the basest of sins. No wonder God made them the everlasting example of wickedness.

By the time Abram separated from Lot and the Lord visited him on the plains of Mamre to proclaim the birth of Isaac, Abram was ninety-nine years old. This means that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah that next day was 51 years after the dividing of the earth. See chart:

1986-Peleg Earth Divided dies

Abram was 48 years old

1997― Nahor, son of Serug) dies

1996-Noah dies

2016-Reu dies

2037-Abraham at 99 when Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed

51 years after the dividing of the earth.

During this 51 years the earth was probably not in a real stable condition physically. A trauma so great that it fractured the surface of the earth, moving the fractured pieces oceans away from each other, may have left earth's internal oceans of fire still hot and churning to some extent.

So, what physically happened to the earth when God destroyed Sodom, et al? Did God just send a few thunderbolts from one of the planets, say, the planet Jupiter as Velikovsky suspects, burn up the cities, and that was that? Not quite: because both the Bible and the book of Jasher describe the location of Lot's choice of dwelling place near Sodom to be (1) a well watered plain, and (2) like the beautiful gardens of Egypt.

And Lot lifted up his eyes, and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered every where, before the LORD destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, even as the garden of the LORD, like the land of Egypt, as thou comest unto Zoar. Gen. 13:10

What does it look like today? Instead of a plain we have the deepest valley on earth, 853 feet below sea level at Jericho. Not only that, we also have the longest crack on the face of the earth stretching a full third of the way from the North pole to the South Pole. Starting in upper Syria this crack extends down the Jordan River valley, through the Dead Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Red Sea, then following the Great Rift Valley, deep into Africa. This crack didn't just split open, but it also fractured sections of the surface in a slip fault in the middle near the Dead Sea. This being the result at the cities on the plain, what else would have happened to the rest of the world?

Several civilizations came to a sudden and cataclysmic end when the early Bronze Age closed. Kathryn Kenyon, excavator of both Jericho and Jerusalem says, "The final end of the early Bronze Age civilization came with catastrophic completeness . . . Jericho was probably completely destroyed . . . Every town in Palestine that has so far been investigated shows the same break . . . All traces of the early bronze Age civilization disappeared."

Another Archeologist, Ernest Wright quoting French Archeologist Schaefer says, "One of the most striking facts [47] about the Early Bronze Age civilization is its destruction, one so violent that scarcely a vestige of it survived."[48] Velikovsky also quoting France's famous Archeologist Claude F. A. Schaeffer says, "There is not the slightest doubt that the conflagration of Troy 2 corresponds to the catastrophe that made an end to the Habitations of Alaca Huyuk, Alisair Tarsus, Tepe Hissar and to the Catastrophe that burned ancient Ugarit in Syria, Byblos, that flourished under the Old Kingdom in Egypt, the contemporaneous cities of Palestine, and that it [ the conflagration] was among the causes that terminated the old Kingdom of Egypt."[49]

Schaeffer had come to the conclusion that "mankind's destiny was principally forced by natural mega calamities not seen today [Emphasis mine]. This included continent wide earthquakes, mega tsunamis and volcanoes and massive climate change. In his time he was placed in isolation regarding these conclusions.[50] He wrote to Velikovsky in a letter saying: "Perhaps it is good, at present, to establish only the reality of those crises and tremendous upheavals during the last millennia before our time, or B.C. and leave the study of the causes to later research. For the historian and the general public are not yet ready to accept the thought that the earth is a much less safe place than they were accustomed to believe."

Benny J. Peiser, from John Moores University, School of Human Sciences in Liverpool, England[51] concluding his paper on Comparative Stratigraphy of Bronze Age Destruction Layers around the World by giving Schaeffer's conclusions and showing his own additions he says:

Thus in summary we can say that several times during the third and second millennia before the present era the ancient East was disturbed by stupendous catastrophes; he also found evidence that in the fourth, as well as in the first millennium, the ancient East went through great natural paroxysms, but their description Schaeffer reserved for future publications. In the published work covering the third and second millennia, Schaeffer discerned five or six great upheavals. The greatest of these took place at the very end of the Early Bronze, or the Old Kingdom in Egypt. At each of these occurrences, life was suddenly disturbed and the flow of history interrupted. Schaeffer also indicated that his acquaintance with European archaeology made him feel certain that Europe, too, was involved in those catastrophes; if so, they must have been more than continental-actually global in dimension.

Claude Schaeffer's working hypothesis was that massive superquakes which affected the entire middleastern area caused these catastrophes and they were actually a process by which the large plates of the Earth were readjusting themselves. I have felt for a long time that the Arabian plate itself was the culprit), but that one of the beneficial side effects was that the oil deposits deep within the Earth were also being brought up closer to the surface by the process.

As you can see from the map he presented [shown below], the interface of the of the earth's crustal plates in this region is extremely complex. Needless to say although the whole globe was affected, the concentration of God's power fell upon Sodom and Gomorrah's area. (See map below.)


Another fact that points to a possible encounter with the planet Jupiter, the master of thunderbolts, is the amount of Nitrates in the Dead Sea. Their presence cannot be accounted for by normal circumstances. None of the regular theories work. However, a similar unexplained presence of nitrates also exists in the dessert of northern Chile. Velikovsky suggests that:


The Dead Sea region was the scene of an interplanetary electrical discharge when a powerful electric spark leaped down from above or sprang up from the earth.

A similar event created the Chilean deposits of nitrates, and the recollections of the Incas of Peru preserved in the memory of this grandiose discharge. "Fire came down from heaven and destroyed a great part of the people, while those who were taking flight were turned to stones."[52]

Remember Lot's wife? "But, "you say, "How do nitrates connect to electricity?" The answer comes from one of Velikovsky's notes, "In the laboratory a very efficient method of building nitrates is applied: 'passing air through a powerful electric arc, in which the nitrogen and oxygen of the air combine chemically to form oxides of nitrogen.'"[53] Only God, the master chemist, could have done that! He left us clues everywhere testifying to his work.

Therefore, putting together the annuls of history, both concerning the age under discussion and the former ages, I think we can conclude that God judges the earth with his resources in the heavens. In fact, Scriptures say exactly that. In the Psalms:

He will call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that he may judge his people:

Gather unto me my godly ones, those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice!

And the heavens shall declare his righteousness; for God executeth judgment himself. Selah Ps. 50:5, 6

In this scripture he shows his concern for his own people in spite of the destructions he inflicts upon the wicked. Did not Abraham say concerning the destruction of the cities of the plains, "Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?"

In Isaiah:

"Mine hand also hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: when I call unto them, they stand up together."

Isaiah 48:13 AV(Emphasis mine)


What did God Prove in These Ages?

The history of these catastrophes, one after another must have kept the memory of them very much alive in the minds of the early peoples, hence the amount of writings preserved concerning them. It is amazing that with the display of God's almighty power continually before them, the people could see no farther than the instruments he used to do the work-the planets. Especially in view of the fact that they had two eye witnesses, Noah and Shem, who had survived the flood by the hand of God and were still alive as testimony to the truth.

The apostle Paul cut to the heart of the matter. The minds of men continually deceive themselves, or allow the god of this world to deceive them, thinking they are equal with God; Satan's own sin. Nimrod's generation, thinking themselves to be sophisticated, became morons, worshipping the creature rather than the creator. Thus God proved through these ages that in spite of his spectacular displays of physical power, men will still try to reason a way out from under his reign, so they can do their own thing, without consequences. Without redemption from God, mankind is hopelessly buried in the morass of the sinful nature.

Are the Planets Involvement in the Seven day/24 Hour Creation the Missing Pieces of the Creation Theories?

First, let me say at the very beginning, this is purely my own speculation. What if the perfect order of Genesis 1:1 was disrupted by an independent decision, made by the "covering Cherub" of Ezekiel 28, a decision outside of God's plan? If God allowed this infraction of his will to stand, there would soon be confusion among the angelic creatures, which according to Jewish traditions had jurisdiction over the stars. With each angel making his own decision concerning any work to be done, it would eventually create chaos in the whole universe. Did God interrupt the progress, which resulted from that decision, and change the arrangement of the Solar System as a result? (Knowing all things, he must have anticipated the cherub's independence. Was it his plan all along? We know that Jesus' substitutionary death was planned before the foundation of the world. If God created another race of beings who already had eternal life like the angels, they too, could rebel. However, this time he avoided that problem by giving his creatures a choice. They could chose between the tree whose fruit would give them knowledge of good and evil, by which they could choose their own way through life. However, he warned them not to eat of it because it would bring death. The other choice would have given them eternal life and it's intrinsic benefits. If they chose death (knowing they would), he already had a backup plan in place. They, unlike the angels could be redeemed, especially if he made man in his own image. God's image, the same as given to his son could become a substitute for man in death. The Son, having infinite life the same as the Father, could suffice for any number of men. It was a perfect plan. But back to my speculation:

What if a combination of the giant gaseous, as well as the terrestrial planets, were all integrated into one conglomerate body in the past? What if this one body was like a sun? Yet not as great or as hot as our sun, but was in a stable binary relationship with our Sun, each rotating around a central point? H. N. Russell 1935, [according to Donald W. Patten] "noting that at least half of the stars in our galaxy are binary stars," wondered if the sun was also once a part of a binary system.

Some of the giant gaseous planets are more like suns than planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn, both creating more heat internally than they receive from the sun. Actually, Russell was wrong, only 34% of the stars in our galaxy are single suns, like ours, leaving 66% to be binary. In most cases the binary suns are not equal either in size or temperature, because hot suns are often coupled with cool suns relatively speaking. So such a theory is not entirely impossible.

What if the earth for ages had been developing inside this other gigantic "sun" complex, like an egg being incubated? What if the anointed Cherub was in charge of this, hot, hypothetical gaseous body, ruling over the earth's development; when he decided to take it's future into his own hands, and manipulate it himself, acting like God?

God, who had eternal plans for the earth, could not allow that. So he took the earth out from under the Cherub's dominion, recreating a new earth and consequently a new heaven, at least as far as the planets were concerned, which took on independent orbits around the sun replacing the twin sun with a sting of planets all orbiting the sun independently? God told Job that the morning stars sang together at creation. For stars to sing (by stars here we understand these to be the planets), meant they had to make a sound. Sound is caused by vibration. In the disruption caused by the dismemberment of the huge semi-gaseous body, would not these which later became the morning stars vibrate making the music of the spheres we sing about in the hymn This is My Father's World?

In Job God also says, "the sons of God (the other created angels) shouted for joy." Were they celebrating the putting down of a presumptuous one who had risen up in pride, promoting himself above the other angels, and declaring himself an independent ruler like the ruler of the Universe?

The trauma of moving the earth into an independent orbit around the sun would destroy all life on its surface especially since God covered the land with water as well. This forms a transition from Genesis 1:1 to Genesis 1:2. The force of the movement out of the original position to the sun's gravitational field began earth's rotation, which created the first day. This solves the problem of his creating plants bearing true seeds at the seven day/24 hour recreation. It was a completely new creation of the plant world. Seed bearing plants had never existed before. Therefore they were not yet in the rock record. The trauma during the re-creation would have added more records to the rocks, since the earth itself still remained and in it all the other records it contained. The ages we have just explored could have easily added even more records of rock deposits with more volcanic intrusions and explosions. It also added a special creation of Mammals when Genesis mentions the great whale as being created for the first time. (The rock record shows mammals appearing later in time than the reptiles.)

What if the last age under the Cherub's dominion was the age of the prominent reptiles. What if he was the one who introduced predatory animals like the terrible Tyrannosaurus Rex or the voracious raptors by manipulating DNAs.[54] What if he introduced violence and fear into a peaceful earth.

God's creation in Genesis had no predatory animals. All creatures were given "every green herb for meat." We know that later Satan surely inspired Cain, who violently murdered his brother. Jesus called Satan a murderer, the violent taker away of life, from the beginning. Does this not explain his bloodthirsty nature?

Would this also explain why he is always represented by a reptile in the scriptures? He appears first in the garden as a serpent, which was the highest developed reptile in intelligence. Finally, he appears as the dragon, that old serpent, the Devil and Satan in the book of Revelation.

Could this explain Satan's preoccupation with the earth, did he consider it his own and continue to compete for it, by deceiving the minds of men? Jesus also says he was the father of lies. He invented deception.

This is just a suggestion to the problems of Creation. The facts given in Scripture are so sketchy no one can say for sure. But the planets do have to be given a place of action in the history of the earth's past.

The beautiful covering cherub changed and became God's adversary, Satan, from this time forward and I believe he continued to increase in evil. As to the rest of the spiritual world of darkness, they may have been under his dominion from the beginning. Perhaps they even worshipped him, but certainly they were sympathetic to his cause. Hence, they were included in the judgment with him when God created the lake of fire. Man was never intended for this place until sin entered the picture. Speaking in the parable about the judgment of the sheep and the goats, Jesus said:

Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

Matthew 25:41


End Notes

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