A Glimpse of Eternity—As Seen in God’s Plan for the Ages

By J. E. Becker



                             1. To give a reason for the book—to show a bird’s-eye view of God’s program leading to eternity

                             2. To explain the structure of the book with disclaimers                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                       3. To encourage individual study of each section

Section I:   In the Beginning—Theories of Creation Held by Christians           

1.      Creationists—Young Earth – six/24 hour days and other closely related theories.

2.      Intelligent Design.

3.      My evolution through the theories.

4.      The Gap Theory.

5.      Problems with all theories—“missing truth”, which leaves us with having to believe God’s Word alone.

Section II: The Ancient Ages in Genesis

1.      Ages of God framed by the Word, not to be confused with Dispensations

2.      First Age framed by the Flood

3.      Second Age framed by the confusion of tongues

4.      Third Age framed by the division of the Earth

5.      Fourth Age framed by destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

6.      A Possible answer to the puzzle of creation—What If?

7.      What God accomplished to this time—chart to Illustrate the progression of sin—The history of God’s judgment on sin in Genesis.


Section III: The Covenant of Abraham’s Promise and development of Israel

                             1. An inheritance to descendents--a land.

2. A “Seed” to bless all peoples of the earth.

3. Descendents of two classes of people.

a.      An earthly People descended of Jacob as numerous as the Dust of the earth.

b.      A heavenly People descended of Isaac as numerous as the Stars of the sky.

c.      The temples of God that diagram his dwelling among both of his peoples forever.

d.      Drawings of the Temples that Illustrate this.

4.      History of Israel to the Age framed by the giving of the Law

a.      God’s awesome power against Pharaoh.

b.      God’s awesome power at The Red Sea.

c.      God’s awesome power at Mt. Sinai.

5.       Chart, adding this Age to the rest—God’s accomplishment.



Section IV: The last Age where God changed the Surface of the Earth

1.      The Days of Amos, Isaiah, Hosea, Zephaniah and Habakkuk.

a.      Israel turns away from the Lord.

b.      Prophets warn, God sends the Assyria Army as punishment.

c.      Israel carried away by Assyrians, Judah attacked.

2.      God’s supernatural rescue, The sword from heaven.

3.      The planets orbits stabilized.

4.      This last Age added to the chart—God’s accomplishment in this age.


Section V: Christ’s First Advent—The Introduction of His Kingdom to Israel

1.      Announced to the “priest” shepherds and wise men.

2.      Shows himself to Israel—at his baptism.

3.      Begins a ministry of miracles ,as proof of his messiah-ship.

4.      Counters the false religion of the Pharisees, and announces himself as  king.

5.      Teaches his disciples the Laws of his Kingdom that will make them like himself.

a.      Exhorts disciples to enter the Kingdom of God.

b.      Shows how having the right attitude toward the subject of each Law develops an Individual fruit of the Spirit. (The attitudes in the “beatitudes”each match one law.)

c.      Satan counters the development of the fruits by sending “fruit robbers” to destroy testimonies.

6.       The Redemption of Mankind—the Cross

7.       Chart Showing How the Kingdom Laws Develop Valuable Servants for the Millennial Reign; and tells the purpose of God in this interval of three years (not really an age), but introducing the next Age


Section VI: The Age of Grace

1.      The “calling out” of the descendents of Isaac.

2.      To the Jew first.

3.      Being a Living Sacrifice.

a. Discovering your gift of motivation.

b. Finding your place of servitude and obeying.

c. Finishing the race.

d. Watching for his return.

4.      Development of the Bride to Reign.

a.      Verification of the “kingdom laws” in the epistles.

b.      Exhortations to the Seven Churches of Revelation.

c.      Promises to those who overcome the seven problems.

5.       What God accomplishes in the Age of Grace

6.      Chart showing the problems to overcome with their promised positions in the Kingdom as a reward.


Section VI: The Judgment Seat of Christ—Those who pursed the Goal Set Before Them and Those who Did Not

1.      Exhortation to press for the reward of a “high-calling” in Christ.

a.      The goal: show these Scriptures in each epistle of our planned future. (Over-comers rewarded.)

b.      Show Scriptures warning of loss of reward.

2.      Parables of the Servants.

a.      Absolute justice.

b.      Disqualifications


3.      The “outer darkness”.

a.      Losers regrets.

b.      Location?

4.      What God accomplished.


Section VIII: End of the Age of Grace—God’s Judgment upon the wicked as Promised By the Prophets

1.      God’s unlimited grace to the world, ended at the rapture of the Church.

a.      The Book that decrees the Judgment—Revelation

b.      Divisions, and sequence of events.

c.      Filling in with the prophets.

d.      The Son’s Angels who administer judgment.

e.      The Reapers who gather the wicked.


2.      Major Players in the judgment drama.


a.      On Earth—The 144,000 Witnesses and their converts; The Great Harlot, with her lovers, The Kings of the Earth; The Two Witnesses and Converts of the Nation of Israel; The Little Horn of Daniel and his Ten Kings; The False Prophet, with The Dragon god he promotes.


b.      In Heaven—The Lamb of God interceding for his people, then showing himself to Israel as their scapegoat; The Sons Angels, The Mighty Angel, Israel’s Prince—Michael, and his angels; The Great Red Dragon and his Angels; The Woman, God’s Hidden Believers.


3.      The worst destruction of all the Ages resulting in a new earth, and by Inclination a new heaven.

4.      Christ’s return and the judgment of the quick.

5.      A Chart of the Sequence of the judgments and what God accomplished.




Section IX: The Thousand Year Kingdom Reign—the Real New Age

1.      Changed conditions of the New Earth

a.      New Inclination with Jerusalem at North Pole.

b.      New orbit in Solar System resulting in new heaven?

c.      The Greatest Light—The Heavenly Jerusalem above the Earthly Jerusalem

d.      Physical Changes on Earth:

·        Proportion of land to water.

·        New climate—No night under the Heavenly Jerusalem.

·        Changes in man’s health.

·        Changes to animals.


2.      The perfect government Ruling through God’s perfect law.

a.      The supreme King of the whole Earth—Jesus Christ.

b.      The princes who will judge the great matters of rule in countries.

c.      Civil Judge juries who handle jurisdiction over cities.

d.      The place for punishment for “capital crime” on display as a determent.


3.      Promises fulfilled to Israel.

a.      Boundaries of the landset.

b.      Inheritance given to each tribe

c.      The Holy Oblation for Priests, and the Prince’s portion reserved in Israel’s midst:

·        The temple Mount,

·        The Building of the Temple—Its size and layout (Pictures of a Model),

·        The Park, River, Lake and Waterfall.

·        The capital city and Its provisions.


4.      Religion in the Kingdom:

a.      Worship of God.

b.      Handling of Sin.

c.      The duties of Priests and their new high priest,

d.      The nations obligatory attendance of the Feasts


5.      The release of Satan.

a.      The inspired rebellion.

b.      The attempted overthrow.


6.      Judgment of the Great white Throne.

a.      No Need to comment, just show scripture of it

Section XII: A Glimpse of Eternity: What Next?

1.      What we Know

a.      The Kingdom lasts forever.

b.      It continually Increases in size.

c.      Earth and Jerusalem, will remain the capitol of the Universe.

d.      All things will abide in Christ and he in them, as the all in all.


2.      Speculation of: What This Could Mean?

a.      Discovery of New Inhabitable Planets

b.      Mankind, who is made in the Image of God, may rule over other intelligent creatures of God.

c.      God’s Heavenly People reign in the heavenlies.

d.      God’s Earthly People rule and possess the Earth.



3.      The full truth will eventually be known as God expounds upon His Word.

a.      The Word of God will stand as testimony to new generations of God’s Grace to men in the past [ which they will never have to learn by experience].

b.      All creatures will have more of the Glory of God revealed from Age to Age

We will all be ever learning, creating, and building as God, whose Knowledge is without end, inspires and directs us.