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Judy Becker

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Judith Esther Becker, known as “Judy” to her friends, grew up all over in West Virginia, (Methodist preachers moved often). She graduated from Marietta College, in Marietta, Ohio in 1953 with a BS degree in Geology.

Judy married Harvey L. Becker between her College Sophomore and Junior years, then switched her major from Biology to Geology to match her husband’s degree, thinking they could go adventuring around the world together. However, Harvey chose his minor in Engineering and went into Construction instead. Consequently, they moved all over the Southeast, finally settling in Atlanta, Georgia to raise five children.

In 1958, just before moving to Atlanta, Judy received the Lord as her Savior while investigating the doctrine of the Second Coming. She continued to study prophecy, even though she never taught it in the early days. However, almost as soon as she was born again she began teaching what the Lord showed her; at first over the phone to friends, then to Women’s groups, and eventually to every age from kindergarten to young adults. Besides regular Christian themes, she specialized in teaching children’s Bible stories on flannelgraph, and the Sermon on the Mount to teenagers and women. But all the while she continued to study prophecy, and it became her passion.

Her Geology degree did not go to waste. She soon suspected great upheavals were to occur during God’s wrath―upheavals that the Bible attributed to the heavens. The books she had read had spiritualized these passages, because they could not believe them literally. Knowing the upheavals recorded in the rocks, she began to understand the awesome power God intended to display in the “Day of the Lord”.

She wrote three manuscripts before she was satisfied. Two were published: one self-published, and the second professionally published by WinePress Publishing. Between the second and third manuscripts, she started writing it into a story, which eventually became The Armageddon Trilogy.

Widowed nineteen years ago, she now resides in her self-designed cottage in the country near Alpharetta, Georgia, surrounded by her garden, her four surviving children, seventeen of her eighteen grandchildren (one lives in Australia). Her great –grans are ever increasing, so far she is up to thirty –five (five living in Australia).